Jakes Place

From one man’s passion to a corporation

100 Year History of United Radio

Written by Arnold J. Rubinstein, with epilogue by Samantha Rife

Syracuse, NY

“This is the story of United Radio Service. The story begins in 1911, when Jacob H. Rubenstein, my father, arrives at Ellis Island, immigrating to the United States. You might say that the story should have begun when he was born, but as he never spoke about the old country, I know too little about his early years in Russia to cover that part of his life. I did hear him once refer to the pogroms back in Russia. They must have been indelibly etched in his memory. I say that because I never saw my father so upset as when I was stationed overseas in Germany with my Air National Guard unit. His memories were such that he didn’t want his son to be in Europe.

This is a story of Jake’s hard work creating a livelihood so he could get married and raise a family. It is also a story of opportunity in an adopted country. This story has been replicated many times by many people who came to America; in that regard, it is just another story that has happened many times.”


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